So Here I am again

So here I am again. It has been 2 years since my husband suddenly passed away. In that 2 years I have dealt with my grief for the most part, I still and am sure I always will have bad days though. But emotionally I am a lot stronger.

I also had C6-C7 neck surgery in July 2016 which had almost a 3 month recovery time. My highest weight ever (305.6) was reached during that recovery time. I returned to work in October after being of work almost 4 months and I thought I would die, but again I rebuilt my strength slowly and finally got back to par.

Now it is finally time to deal with this weight for what I hope is the last time. I will be 50 years old in May and I do not want to go into my Senior years 150 pounds over weight. Right now my goal is to loss 50 pounds by my birthday which is May 9th.

Tales of the Scales

Last Weigh In Weight: 300.0
Today's Weigh In Weight : 296.6
Weight Loss : ↓3.4
BMI:  46.4
Total Weight Loss: ↓3.4

Here I go again

I feel I am in a good place in my life.  My career is finally where I want it to be, I am happy, less stressed, feeling like part of a team.  Financially I am comfortable, I get the bills paid and have managed to keep a car and my apartment on my own.  Emotionally I am slowly recovering. It is a daily battle but one I face head on.  Now I need to address my health.  I will be 50 on my birthday, and I need to lose at least 100 pounds.  If not now when?  I do not want to go into my 50's weighing 300 pounds.

I have learned on my previous journey to start with small steps and add to them.  These are my first small steps.

My Short Term Goals
1. Walk 20 minutes a day 5 times a week.
2. Drink 64-70 ounces of water a day.
3. Cut out all soda (currently drinking 1-2 cans of Pepsi/7Up a day).
4. No eating after 8:00 pm.
5. Lose 10 pounds by February 1, 2017 (Starting Weight 300.0)

I also have my long term goals in place and I look forward to watching them unfold! I might add more things to the list as the year progresses, but I definitely want to be able to check off all of the below by the end of 2017.

1. Pay off  at least half my car loan. - Balance $9,890
2. Pay off Federal Student Loan - Balance $2,024.27
3. Pay off loan against 401k -Balance $542.40
4. Increase my 401k contribution to 5%
5. Increase Credit Score. Starting Score 503
6. Set up an entertainment budget of $100.00 a month to use as decided.
7. Participate in the 52 Week Challenge and deposit into the “Rainy Day” savings account.
8. Collect and cash in my change. (Change Jar ready to go)

Health and Well Being:
1. Lose 50 pounds by 50th birthday.
2. Eat healthier, start weighing my food until I realize what healthy portions are again.
3. Walk 5 times a week, at least a mile each time.
4. I will participate in a 5K.
5.  Buy a bicycle and use it!
6. Track my food and exercise.
7. Keep regular bed-times and wake-times.
8. Spend less time online and more time on me.
9. Take a vacation to the Beach this year.

I am feeling hopeful that this year I can get my life headed in the right direction again, with the love and support of Bruce, my family and my friends.

Day 21

Last Weigh In Weight: 287.0
Today's Weigh In Weight : 286.4
Weight Loss : ↓0.6
BMI: 46.4 - Obesity Class III 
Total Weight Loss: ↓7.8