Sunday, May 27, 2012

Calgon Take Me Away

Good Evening I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday weekend.  I took four days off for the Memorial Day weekend, but instead of using them for the normal rest and relaxation, I used them to get my butt back on track. I cleaned my bedroom,  bathroom and cleaned out my closet and all my drawers. I also started walking again,  I have walked 7.05 miles in the last 3 days!
          • Activity: Walking 2.11 mi 5/25/2012 2:03 pm
          • Activity: Walking 1.86 mi 5/26/2012 6:25 pm
          • Activity: Walking 3.08 mi 5/27/2012 10:37 am
I feel very great about this achievement.  The first day was okay, the second day was harder with a new route and rubbing a blister on the bottom of my foot.  Today I went for the gusto and walked 3.08 miles.  My legs and lower back are killing me, but it is a good kind of pain.

My plan for keeping on track now is to get up every morning before work and walk 2 miles.  It sounds great on paper, we will see how it pans out in theory starting tomorrow.   As for now I am tired, hurting, and all squeaky clean!  It has been a great day!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tales of the Scale

Last Weigh In Weight: 248.6
Today's Weigh In Weight : 245.4
This Week's Weight Loss : ↓ 3.2
BMI: 39.6 - Extremely Obese
Total Weight Loss: 53.2

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wonderful Morning

I have met many goals already this morning. I weighed in at 246.2 which is a weight loss of 52.4 pounds.

Goal 1 met: Loss 50 pounds.
Goal 2 met: Under 250 pounds.
Goal 3 met: I can officially wear size 2x, down from the 4x I was wearing in November.
Goal 4 met: I am in a pair of size 2x white nursing scrubs. I can not tell you the last time I wore 2x or white pants as a matter of fact!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tales of the Scale

Last Weigh In Weight: 250.0
Today's Weigh In Weight : 248.6
This Week's Weight Loss : ↓ 1.4
BMI: 40.1 - Extremely Obese
Total Weight Loss: 50.0

I’m not getting fit so some guy will love me. I’m not getting fit so people can stare at me in a bikini. I’m not getting fit for the compliments. I’m getting fit so I can be healthy. So I can feel good about myself. So I can be proud and say “my hard work and perseverance really paid off.” So I can live a long & healthy life.

I am getting fit FOR ME.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Race for the Cure

I completed my first 5K race today. Of course, for me it wasn't a race, it was just a beautiful walk with lots of wonderful friends.

3.56 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes