Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is unpredictable...

Starting Weight: 266.1
Todays Weight : 263.5
Weight Loss : ↓ 2.6

I am very shocked that there is a weight loss up there! A lot has been going on since I last posted. I have lost all motivation, I have had the flu, I quit my job last Thursday (ongoing disagreement with management) and I broke a toe Saturday Night. So as you can see I have pretty much hit bottom and am starting my journey to climb out again.

I have a wonderful, loving, supportive husband who is behind me completely. It is so nice to have someone who loves and believes in you no matter what. I sent off a resume today and I am pretty sure that I will be called in for an interview so cross your fingers for me. It was time for a change, I finally excepted that and its time to move on.

Hope everyone is doing well and had a great weekend! I will post again soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze

Starting Weight: 264.9
Todays Weight : 266.1
Weight Gain :  ↑ 1.2

I am shocked by that number up there!! The reason I am shocked is because I was expecting it to be a lot higher!! As I am sure you have noticed I haven't blogged a lot the past week or so. The reason being is because I fell off the wagon, HARD. I will spare you all the gory details, some things are left best to the imagination! The sad thing or maybe the good thing is I did not enjoy myself. Most of the food I placed into my body did not taste like it "use" to taste. There was no enjoyment, no satisfaction, no pay off. Just me feeling bad because I should have stopped myself before I even started.

So now the journey begins to clean up the aftermath and get back on track. I just hope I am strong enough to do it.

May you rest in peace Patrick Swayze you will be dearly missed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Starting Weight: 266.3
Todays Weight : 264.9
Weight Loss : ↓ 1.4

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rainy Days and Friday

So as you all know I just recently recovered from a major illness. Thanks for all your messages of support and concern. The funny thing is I more than likely caught the virus at the gym the place I am going to get healthy. You really never think about the germs that you are encountering while you are working out. So just a friendly reminder make sure you wipe down your equipment with disinfectant before and after you use it!

Work was INSANE today I am so glad I went to the gym before work! We are always busy before major holidays but today was just chaos! Around 3pm it started slowing down and started raining. Now you have to understand I live in Las Vegas, Nevada so rain is a major event! I went outside with a co-worker and we just stood in the rain for about 10 minutes, it was very refreshing and very relaxing.

After work Bruce and I went to the library, Walmart, and Smiths. One of the main things I went to pick up at Walmart was new socks for the gym. The socks I currently own were rubbing blisters on the bottom of my feet. I never realized until tonight how many colors, styles and brands of socks there were! I finally decided on hanes sports cool and dry. They are really cushy and are suppose to keep your feet from sweating. We will see.

Well I am off to bed I hope to go to the gym before work in the morning. I hope everyone has a great night!