Friday, September 19, 2014

Surgery Success

I brought Steve home today around 11:00am, He has several followup appointments in the next few weeks, and his surgeon says he beat all odds that there was no reason he should have not had a stroke or a heart attack. He had a 100% blockage in his left carotid artery that was almost 4 inches in length. There was no blood flow on the left side of his neck. We are very lucky and very blessed.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shortest Divorce in History

Today in the mail I finally got my divorce papers.  I have been attempting to get divorced for almost a year.  Every time I would file they would send the papers back asking me to fix something.  For almost a year I was trying to file Forma Pauperis (waive fees) but the moment I pay them they grant my divorce go figure.

I opened the letter expecting another please correct this and return blah, blah, blah, letter but instead it said I was divorced as of September 10, 2015.  I looked at Steve, held up the letter and said you wanna get married, to which he replied sure.  So what started out as a joke ended as a quickie marriage. lol

With both showered and got dressed and hopped into the car and went to Walmart and picked out matching silver wedding bands.  The next stop was Clark County Marriage License Bureau.  We stood in line about 30 minutes and signed a few papers. We then walked a few steps to Chapelle De L'Amour Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and became man and wife.  I have never been so happy!

Finally after a year of trying we are finally husband and wife.