Monday, April 21, 2008

I forgot to mention I am a wanted felon in 4 states

So what happens when you find out a previous co-worker was featured on "America's Most Wanted"? You sit with your mouth hanging open going NO WAY! LOL! We were sitting at work on Monday and received a call that a gentleman that had been briefly employeed with us was featured on "America's Most Wanted" the past Saturday night and 6 Federal Marshalls had shown up at another previous employees residence looking for him. He wasn't there, but the marshalls did find and capture him at a local casino. Boy I guess you never know do you. I would have never pegged this man as a criminal.

On the home front I have some very wonderful news. Bruce has decided to move to Las Vegas and plans on making the move in early July. He has to get all the loose ends tied up in Pennsylvania and he will be on his way. Once he gets here and we get settled we are going to start planning our wedding. He is the most amazing, wonderful man and I have never felt so loved. He was truly sent to save me and I look forward to spending the rest of my life making him miserable *wink* .

Mom's surgery has not made any progress, we went this morning to have her myelogram performed. We sit at the facility for an hour and a half before a nurse came out and told us the test had to be rescheduled because the doctors had ordered the wrong blood work. So here I am with my doped up mother who has taken all this medication to have this procedure and they can't perform it! I don't know who was more pissed me or her. So we went and had the proper blood work done and now have to wait for them to reschedule the procedure.

I am holding up pretty good through all this, my blood pressure has been up and down and I am having all kinds of problems sleeping at night mostly because mom is up and down wandering the halls and I have to watch her closely because with all the pain meds she is on she is having alot of memory problems, balance issues, and such. Hopefully this will all be over very soon.