Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Details Don’t Really Matter

Today's Weigh In Weight: 315.0

My life is settling into a good rhythm emotionally and that makes me feel very happy and relieved, I have really not cared too much what is going on with my weight, but that changed after I went to the doctor today and saw the above number looking back at me on the scale. 

How I got here? The details don’t really matter If you judge me by my weight then I’m a huge failure. But if you look into my heart and soul and judge me by what has taken place there the past three years you’d see a different story. You would see a winner in every aspect of the word.

I’m coming back to living the life that really matters the most to me, and letting go of the past. I can no longer live there if I want to move forward in all aspects of my life.