Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

Just want to say that I will be glad to put 2011 behind me and I look forward to 2012.   I have great plans for  2012 and I look forward to watching them unfold!   I hope everyone is safe tonight no matter how you are celebrating the last day of the year.  I will be spending it at home with Bruce on the couch having a couple of drinks and watching the fireworks on television.

Today was a so-so day with the eating and a terrible day for exercise.  My right foot is absolutely killing me but I did get out and attempt to walk.  I didn't make it a mile but I did walk!  I feel good about that.
Breakfast:  None 
Lunch:  None 
Exercise: Belinda Riley-Sanders completed a 0.89 mile walking activity.   (Day 6) 
Dinner: Pepper Steak
            12 ounces of pepsi 
Water: 100-120 ounces

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