Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Night My Love

Steve just called and he sounded so weak and tired. It looks now like he will be spending six or seven days in the hospital instead of the original “few days” he was told this morning. They have filled his eye with a steroid antibiotic and sealed it shut and covered it with an eye patch. They want him to completely rest it and keep the light out of it. He has been started on an IV drip with steroids and other various medications and has been given his first insulin shot in the stomach. The first shot dropped his glucose level into the 300s. He is due another injection at midnight and a blood check at 2:00am. His brother came and visited him earlier and brought him a suit case from home and his phone charger so now we are able to talk and text as much as we want and need too. For now he is comfortable and in very good hands and I am going to try to close my eyes and get some rest. Good Night My Love. I love and miss you more and more with each passing day.